One of Mining’s Hottest Teams Backed by Famous Mining Billionaire form New Silver Venture

Check Out Zacatecas Silver early – commanding land package in one of the world’s most important regions for high grade silver, management team with a hot hand and backing from some of the world’s most successful silver investors.



Latest News | October 15, 2021

Zacatecas Silver Provides Update on Drilling Activities at Panuco



They say history doesn’t repeat itself….but it does rhyme. If that is the case, investing alongside of one of the hottest teams in mining, backed by serially successful silver investors right at the start of a new venture could be potentially extremely lucrative.



While printing presses worldwide are in overdrive, printing fiat currency, only gold and silver have been proven as real money for thousands of years. With more and more paper money being printed by the minute and inflation starting to wreck havoc on the purchasing power of fiat savings, smart investors are looking to gold and silver as a hedge against uncertainty and the distress in the monetary system



While silver, of course, makes sense due to growing investment demand….it also is set to be one of the huge winners in the escalating infrastructure spending occurring and electrification. Without silver, there can be no wide spread infrastructure programs and without silver, there is no Tesla in fact. Silver is a key component in electrification and infrastructure programs and therefore has upside over and above the growing investment demand.




The inability of the central bankers and governments around the world to work through current economic challenges without wildly printing more paper currency, is a catalyst that could ignite the gold and silver markets.

But, when looking for how to get maximum torque and leverage in the silver equities – there is no need to re-invent the wheel.

A proven team, a strong treasury and backing from silver investors that have a track record of picking winners early. All this having come together around a commanding land position in one of the world’s most important regions for high grade silver – Zacatecas, Mexico.


The CEO of Zacatecas Silver is Bryan Slusarchuk, who also happens to be the co-founder and former President of K92 Mining which is a gold producer that over the past years has grown from a micro-cap situation to a market capitalization north of USD $1 billion.

Early investors in K92 Mining made a fortune with early financings done below $0.50 and the share price having rocketed up above $8 per share. Others on the Zacatecas team include the Chief Operating Officer, geologist Dr. Chris Wilson (formerly with mining behemoth Ivanhoe) and Director John Lewins (currently the CEO of K92 Mining).

A land position like this and a team that formed around the opportunity has attracted investments from some of the industry’s most successful investors. Case in point is that even though Zacatecas Silver is a relatively new company, they’ve already been able to announce that world famous silver investor Eric Sprott is an investor. 





As you will find on the companies SEDAR.com filings, The 2019 Panuco Historical Resource reported 3,954,729 tonnes at 153 g/t Ag Eq. (136 g/t Ag, 0.14 g/t Au, 0.012 % Pb, 0.11% Zn) for a total of 19,472,901 ounces Ag Eq. (cut-off 100 g/t Ag Eq.) in the Inferred Category.

And, in our view – the historic resource is a great starting point and guide as to the mineralization that may exist on this property but the real upside is the exploration potential. Much of the ground held by Zacatecas Silver has seen little modern exploration and initial efforts by the team have now identified multiple silver targets of interest, undrilled and outside of the Panuco area.

The drills have just started to turn, and on October 15, 2021 Zacatecas announced the first six drill holes are complete. This is very early days and your chance to enter a situation alongside of industry stalwarts that have done a lot of due diligence before choosing to build a company around this asset.




Slusarchuk, as Zacatecas Silver CEO, has appeared often on FOX Business, BNN Television, and in print publications such as Forbes. Not just because of the exciting companies he has been part of but also because of his early adoption of metals as a key theme in the electrification process and his views on using gold and silver as a hedge against an inflationary environment.

He notes,

“Silver is in almost every modern technology you use during your daily routine and this is becoming even more prevalent as increasing electrification occurs. The amount of silver used in electric vehicles, while a great example of growing silver use in our modern world, is just one part of what is driving demand industrially. And, while we have significant increases in industrial demand, we are also seeing increasing investment demand as many investors become more concerned about the way inflation is eroding the purchasing power of their paper currency holdings. All this while supply has been challenged due to persistently low prices for a while now and a lack of exploration. This is the perfect storm for a once in a generation opportunity to the upside in the price of silver.”

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In 2019 Santacruz Silver Mining Ltd. completed an updated historical resource estimate as set forth in the technical report titled “Technical Report – Veta Grande Project, Zacatecas State, Mexico” dated 20th of August 2019. The report was prepared by Van Phu Bui, P. Geo and Michael O’Brien, P. Geo, and filed on www.sedar.com (“2019 Panuco Historical Resource”). The 2019 Panuco Historical Resource reported 3,954,729 tonnes at 153 g/t Ag Eq. (136 g/t Ag, 0.14 g/t Au, 0.012 % Pb, 0.11% Zn) for a total of 19,472,901 ounces Ag Eq. (cut-off 100 g/t Ag Eq.).  The 2019 Panuco Historical Resource used “inferred mineral resources”, which is a category set forth under CIM Definition Standards for Mineral Resources & Mineral Reserves adopted on May 10, 2014.

The 2019 Panuco Historical Resource was calculating using 75 drill collars, 866 down hole surveys and 2,607 assayed samples.  A surface trench database totalling 183 trenches with 1,813 samples was used.  Resource blocks were defined using with dimensions of 20 m along strike and down dip, and 1 m across strike.  Grades for gold, silver, lead and zinc were interpolated into blocks using the following estimation algorithms: central — ordinary kriging and NW and Tres Cruces — inverse distance squared.  Assumptions used in the 2019 Panuco Historical Resource include the following metal prices: gold price of US $1,350/oz, silver price of US $16/oz, lead price of US $0.90/lb and zinc price of US $1.10/lb. The 2019 Panuco Historical Resource assumed recovering similar to the Veta Grande System being: gold at 52.2%, silver at 62.1%, lead at 87.9% and zinc at 78.6%.  The Company considers the 2019 Panuco Historical Resource relevant due to its identification and modelling of the Panuco deposit.

The Company has not done sufficient work to classify the 2019 Panuco Historical Resource as a current mineral resource or mineral reserves, and the Company is not treating the historical estimate as current mineral resources or mineral reserves.  Although the historical resource estimate is considered reliable, 8% of the drill core intervals used in the resource calculations was re-sampled and submitted these to ALS for independent assay. Further, additional data verification including resurveying of select diamond drill holes collars; review of graphic drill core logs, comparison of these logs with remaining half-cut core, and a cross-check of select geological logs agonist database entries; and a check of original ALS assay certificates against the assays and drill hole database. Remodelling of the current Panuco resource is ongoing pending receipt of check sample assays.